Coffee Quick Tip: Flavoring With Essential Oil


I love coffee, and I enjoy it many different ways. Iced, no sugar, lots of sugar, milk, almond milk latte, and even plain black.


Frequently I’ll add essential oil for extra flavor, and I usually do this by adding a drop directly into my cup of coffee. But doing it that way can be a little strong, so I tried a different approach.

What I did was add a drop of peppermint essential oil, for example, into the coffee grounds before pouring the water through. By doing it this way, you still get the flavor and aroma of the essential oil, but it isn’t too strong and the oil doesn’t sit on top.

If you want to try adding essential oil to your next cup of coffee, just make your coffee as you normally would, and then simply add a drop or two of essential oil to the grounds first before adding the water.

But, be sure the oils you are using are safe to be taken internally! A lot of them are.

To learn more about essential oils and the different ways you can use them, including recipes, please visit my doTERRA site:



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