5 Ways To Make Yourself Look Instantly Prettier


Do you ever have those days where you look like a cross between Medusa and a troll doll? Or maybe it’s more like a swamp monster meets Chewbacca? Either way, fear no more, because there are a few quick tricks you can try that will have you looking good. as. new.

  1. Gloss! Lip gloss, that is. Something as simple as putting on some chapstick to give your lips a glossy look can really add some oomph.
  2. If you wear your hair up a lot, wear it down. If you wear your hair down a lot, wear it up. Mine is usually up, and I tend to get compliments when I wear it down. People get used to seeing you a certain way, ya know?
  3. Part your hair differently. This can have a huge impact on your overall look. My hair naturally falls in the middle, and when I part it on the side, I’m practically a different person.
  4. Put on a nicer shirt. Wear what flatters your body. Whether you’re round, triangular, or shaped like a trapezoid, flatter it.
  5. Add some bling. Earrings, necklace, BOOM! Look complete.

We all have those days where we’re feeling down, or just having a bad hair day. Keep these tricks up your sleeve and it will be smooth sailing ahead.


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