5 Unique Gift Baskets To Give This Holiday Season


I love a good gift basket. They’re really the perfect gift. Whether you know your recipient super well, or if it’s a simple thank you basket for someone you’re not all that familiar with, there’s a basket that will work.

Gift baskets can come pre-made, but I think the ones that were put together with careful consideration are the ones that truly shine.

Classic baskets, such as wine & cheese, for example, are classics for a reason. But I’ve thought up some unique ones that are sure the please your receiver.

  1. Nut butters. Almost everyone likes and uses peanut butter, but there’s also almond butter, cashew butter, and a few others. I’m not talking about putting a jar of Jiff in a basket, but a nice, locally made nut butter would be excellent. Include in the basket a couple different butters, gourmet or locally made honey, and maybe a baguette to tie it all together.
  2. Tropical fruit. This would make a good thank you basket. It would also be perfect for the health foodie in your life. You could include mangos, bananas, dragon fruit, a pineapple, a coconut, star fruit, and some kiwi.
  3. Dog goodies. I’m a dog lover, and I’d be just as thrilled to get a basket full of goodies for my dog as I would a basket full of human treats. You could include a new dog toy, a box of dog bones, Burt’s Bees dog shampoo, and a nice rawhide bone. A funny book about dogs would be a nice touch as well.
  4. Essential Oils. This would be good for the health conscious person, the nature lover, or anyone really. A small basket full of doTERRA oils and a handwritten note with possible uses would be very unique and appreciated.
  5. For the coffee and/or tea lover…a basket with gourmet coffee grounds, coffee/tea in offbeat flavors, teas from around the  world, and a pretty mug.

I’m sure I am not the only one who enjoys receiving a beautiful, handmade gift basket. These ideas are definitely not run-of-the-mill, and are sure to please whoever the lucky recipient is.


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