Leggings VS. Jeans…Which to Choose?


I’ve asked myself this question many times before. It seems that there is quite a bit of controversy over whether or not the tight-fitting second skins should be considered acceptable for wearing out in public.

A couple years ago I bought a pair of black Nike yoga pants, not because I did yoga at the time or anything like that, but just because they were “in”. They were my first pair of somewhat-snug pants I’ve owned, and they have changed my mind on the subject.

Now, yoga pants and leggings are two different things, and then of course there are jeggings, which shouldn’t be a thing at all. But I look at yoga pants and leggings as sisters from a different mister.

Some people are strict non-believers, and practically think it’s a sin to wear leggings anywhere. And on the other hand, some people are die-hard legging wearers. In fact, I know of a few girls who I would be absolutely shocked to see wearing jeans. Then there are some girls like me, who dress based on the day. If I wake up with cramps and a visit from aunt flow, you can bet your tight jeans I’ll be wearing leggings or yoga pants.

But before slipping into your favorite pair of leggings, you should ask yourself the following questions to determine which would be more appropriate: leggings or jeans?

  1. Have I worn leggings for the past three or more days? If yes, go with jeans.
  2. Am I going out on a date? If yes, go with jeans.
  3. Am I going to the grocery store? If yes, go with leggings.
  4. Am I going to be doing a lot of physical activity? If yes, go with leggings.
  5. Are my leggings white? If yes, definitely go with jeans.
  6. Is my shirt a belly shirt, or does it show a little stomach when I lift my arms? If yes, go with jeans.
  7. Am I feeling bloated, nauseous, crampy? If yes, go with leggings.
  8. Am I meeting new people for the first time? If yes, go with jeans. You never know if they’re anti-legging people.
  9. Am I going to the mall? If yes, go with jeans. They tend to be easier to slip out of when trying on clothes 😉
  10. Do my leggings show underwear lines? If yes, go with jeans.
  11. Are my leggings transparent in any way? If yes, go with jeans.
  12. Am I wearing flats? If so, they’re cuter with jeans.
  13. Am I wearing sneakers? If so, sneakers look better with leggings.
  14. Is it Fall or Spring, and the temperature apt to change a lot? If so, wear leggings.
  15. Am I traveling? If so, wear leggings.
  16. Long car ride? Definitely leggings.
  17. Going out to a restaraunt? Jeans.
  18. Going to the doctor? Jeans, they’re easier to slip out of.
  19. Are your leggings slightly too small? Go with the jeans.
  20. Wearing flip-flops? Go with jeans.

Of course, these factors will vary from person to person, but there are just some general rules of thumb for legging vs. jeans protocol.



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