Achy Legs? Try This Burt’s Bees Creme



When I was pregnant, I lucked out and didn’t experience much physical discomfort other than achy legs. But oh, did they hurt! When I was about 7 months along, it got to be too much, so my mom got me a Burt’s Bees lotion called “Mama Bee Leg & Foot Creme”.

What it is: A creme designed for pregnant mamas who have sore, achy legs. Or anyone, really! It’s made with peppermint oil and rosemary leaf extract, which give it the tingly feeling. It also encourages circulation.

How to use: Simple! Just massage into your legs, and relax. The peppermint will soon be giving your achy legs some cooling relief.


How does it smell? Very minty! But pleasant. It is a strong smell, but who doesn’t like peppermint and rosemary?

Pregnant women can sometimes be sensitive to smells, but I never experienced any sensitivity or nausea while using this creme.

Does it work? Yes! When my legs were especially achy or I had been on my feet all day, I’d rub some of this on and enjoy the almost numbing sensation. Plus, I felt safe using it as it is specially designed for “Mama bees”. But now almost 2 years after being pregnant, I still rub some cream on from time to time.

Do I recommend it? Yes I do. If you’re pregnant, or suffer from aching legs, this is for you. This cream would be good for putting on right before going to bed, to help you sleep.

If someone in your life is pregnant and you’re looking for a baby shower gift, or just want to give her some soothing relief, this would make an excellent gift.


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