So You Don’t Know What To Get Your Man For Christmas: The Ultimate Guide


This year Eric and I will be celebrating our 4th Christmas together. The one thing that remains the same is that, like in past years, I have no clue what to get him. Sure, he has hobbies, but they’re so specific that I’d be lost as to what would be good.

Each year I’ve gotten a little bit better at choosing things to put under the tree, but my skills could use some work. His birthday in September gave me an opportunity to do some pre-Christmas gift giving, and I think I’ve come up with a “recipe”, if you will, for boyfriend gift giving. There are 3 steps, you may want to take notes!

  1. Gift category #1: The Hobby Gift

I use the term “hobby” loosely, because interests and passions fall under the same umbrella. Eric happens to be big into cars, trucks, and RC cars. Unfortunately, my knowledge of cars, trucks and RC cars is limited. Fortunately, gift cards exist. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! So, figure out what it is that your boyfriend really enjoys doing in his spare time, and get a gift card to a store that specializes in that. For Eric, I plan to get him a gift card to a store in our area that sells RC car parts, that way he can pick out exactly what he wants.

2. Gift category #2: The Immediate Satisfier 

As wonderful as a gift card is, he can’t enjoy it on Christmas morning. Not even the same day, as stores will be closed. That’s why you should also get something that he can enjoy right then and there. Is he a manly-man? Beef jerky sampler. Suit & Tie type? Shaving kit, or classy aftershave. Movie connoisseur? A DVD of a movie he loves but doesn’t have. Because these gifts will likely be cheaper than the gift card, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a few of them. Here are some other ideas:

Comfortable pajamas

His favorite snacks

A nice bottle of wine/whiskey/etc.

A gadget for his car

A book you think he’d like

A box of chocolates from around the world (can find on Amazon)

Gourmet coffee

A nice coffee mug

Does he do the cooking? New pots and pans

3. Gift category #3: The Necessities

The last category is necessities. These are the things that he is needing throughout the year. Every Christmas Eric gets socks, because by the end of the year, there are holes in over half of them and he’s down to a couple pairs. Does he need body wash? Get him a nice bottle of Old Spice. Need a new razor? Splurge a little and get a nice one. Underwear worn? Get some funny Christmas ones. Does he get dirty a lot? A new pair of jeans and some undershirts.

Christmas shopping can be difficult and stressful in general, but it can be particularly challenging when shopping for the male species. Take some time to make out a list that crosses off something from each 3 categories, and you should be golden. Best of luck, ladies! (And guys)




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