Chocolate Essential Oil Stars

Ahh, it’s almost Christmas. And that puts me in the baking mood. Today I chose to make Wild Orange flavored chocolate stars. IMG_4825.JPG

It was very simple to do, all you need is a bag of chocolate chips-milk, dark, white, it doesn’t matter!, candy molds, and the essential oil (safe for ingestion) of your choosing. I chose doTERRA’s Wild Orange, because I think it tastes fantastic with chocolate.


Because my molds were so small, I only used about half the bag of chocolate chips. I melted them in the microwave in a glass measuring cup, stirring after each thirty second interval, until they were completely melted.

From here, I gave the chocolate a good stir, and added three drops of the Wild Orange oil. You could use more or less, depending on your desire for orange flavor.IMG_4820.JPG

After you add the oil, stir the chocolate again. Now, if you’d like you could add a dash of sea salt to add a little extra oomph.

Here comes the messy part: pouring the chocolate into the molds. This part was a little tricky for me, but I made out okay with a spoon, and scraped the top of the molds afterward with a knife, to smooth the chocolate down.


Stick the mold in the freezer for about thirty minutes, then pop the molds out. Enjoy!IMG_4823.JPG


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