What Guys Really Think Of What Women Wear


Styles and trends have come and gone in past several years. Some of them are better off being left in the past. Others have come to stay.

Certain styles are timeless, like the Jackie Kennedy look. While others should have never happened (think uggs with mini-skirts!).

That’s just my female opinion…but what do guys think? That’s what I’m going to find out!

I set aside some time this evening to conduct an interview, if you will, with my boyfriend. I asked him some questions regarding today’s styles and fashion trends, asking that he give me his honest opinion. Here it is:

Megan: So, what do you think of how young women our age (20’s) dress these days?

Eric: Well, I don’t really have an opinion. 

M: Okay then, would you say that overall you like or dislike the way women dress these days? 

E: Overall, I like. 

M: Ok, what about things you don’t like? What is something that sticks out in your mind that you really don’t think looks good? 

E: I guess yoga pants.

M: Yoga pants, really? Or do you mean leggings? 

E: Yeah, I guess leggings. 

M: I’m surprised!

E: From a guy’s perspective, it’s like “Oooh”, but they still look ridiculous. 

M: So you like how they look, but you think they’re silly to wear?

E: Yes.

M: Haha okay.

M: Anything else you particularly dislike?

E: Hmm, not really.

M: Okay, how about things you do like. What do you especially like to see a woman wearing?

E: Blue jeans…and a flannel shirt.

M: I’m going to wear that tomorrow 😉

M: Anything else? 

E: Not that I can think of.

M: How about makeup, do you like or dislike when a woman wears it?

E: I prefer no makeup.

M: Interesting, okay! Thank you!


I enjoyed talking with Eric and getting his opinion. Each person is different and has different tastes, but it is interesting to know what a member of the opposite sex thinks of today’s trends.




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