3 Ways To Make Extra Money By Doing Practically Nothing


Because who doesn’t want that, right?!

As a stay-at-home mom, there are plenty of times when I’d wished I had a little extra pocket money to spend on things here and there. Fortunately, there are a couple things that I’ve started doing to earn a little extra cash…no job required!

  1. Sell your clothes. There are several consignment shops in our area, and this is a great way to make some extra money and clean out your closet, especially with kids. What I do is go through our clothes seasonally, then set aside ones that I want to try to consign. I bring them into the shop, the owner picks through the ones that she thinks will sell (which is usually most), then a couple weeks later I go in to see if anything has sold, and she writes me a check.
  2. Return your bottles & cans. Most households these days have some sort of recycling system in place, which makes it easy to collect up all your empty soda cans and beer bottles, then bring them to your local redemption center. I usually walk out with an extra ten bucks in my pocket…not bad! I do not drink soda or beer, but Eric goes through soda very quickly, so I may as well make us some money off of it 😉
  3. Sell your things online. I am a member of about five different online Facebook garage sale pages, which is always full of new things each day. I find that kids items sell especially fast. This is a great way to quickly get rid of outgrown toys and clothes.

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