5 Ways Drinking Smoothies Has Changed My Body


If you’re at all familiar with my blog, you probably know that I particularly enjoy coming up with different smoothie recipes and sharing them on here.

Before starting The Cheat-Sheet Homemaker, I would mix up healthy concoctions in my blender on a somewhat regular basis, but now that I have my blog, I’ve been having at least one smoothie a day for the past 3 months. By doing this, my fruit and vegetable intake has greatly increased.


Call me lame, but that is very exciting to me. I’m a big believer in the idea that food is medicine, and what we eat reflects how our bodies perform and look. It’s amazing to me that a person could decide one day that they want to look like a supermodel, then go out and make it happen with the right amount of exercise, and healthy foods.

So, what changes have I noticed from consuming more fruits and vegetables in my smoothies?

  1. Healthier skin. This change is very subtle, but it’s there. My skin tone looks more even and less blotchy.
  2. Less aches and pains. Although I have never suffered from chronic pain, I have noticed less headaches and have felt overall very healthy.
  3. Feeling fuller. When you look at a smoothie, sometimes it is hard to believe how many different foods are in it. Often times when I get to the bottom of the glass, I feel pretty full. That’s why smoothies are a great breakfast. I’ve also noticed that throughout the day, I’m not grazing as much or feeling hungry at all.
  4. Healthier nails. Have you ever noticed those weird white lines that show up on your nails from time to time? I used to always have them. But as I’m typing this, there are no more white spots, which I have been told means that your body is lacking in nutrients. It makes perfect sense that these lines have disappeared since I’ve been eating much healthier.
  5. Healthier hair. I think the number one change I’ve noticed is in my hair. I’m actually very impressed. It is growing faster than it ever has, and it doesn’t seem to be getting damaged as easily as it used to. In fact, I would have been due for a hair trim about 5 months ago, but I never made an appointment because I didn’t feel my hair needed it quite yet. I owe a lot of this to flaxseed I think, because the omega-3 is known to boost hair and skin health.

If you needed a reason to eat healthier, here it is.


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