The Easiest Way To Fold A Crib Sheet


Fitted sheets, big and small, are a pain to fold. Unlike the top sheet, there is no perfect way to get all the lines and edges to match up. And if you’re a neurotic person like I am, this simply will not do!

So when I’m folding and putting away laundry, I have a technique I use to fold Maddy’s crib sheets as nicely as possible. Here it is for you, in pictures. 🙂 IMG_5071.JPG

  1. On a flat surface, ideally a bed, open the sheet up completely, with the top side facing down (as shown above).


2. Find the corner seams.


3. Slide your hands up the corner seams, just like shown above.


4. Tuck the bottom two corners where your hands were into the top two corners.


5. It should look like the photo above.


6. Fold the sheet in half.


7. And then in half again. That’s it!



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