Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Workout Songs


Which is better: a guilty pleasure song, or a guilty pleasure chocolate cake? At least music has no calories!

From yoga to walking, and even dancing in the kitchen with a glass of wine, these are the songs that I thoroughly enjoy as the soundtrack to calorie burning.

10. “Dancing Queen” – ABBA

9. “1, 2, Step” – Ciara

8. “Boogie Wonderland” – Earth, Wind, and Fire

7. “Lovestoned” – Justin Timberlake

6. “I’m So Excited” – The Pointer Sisters

5. “Last Dance” – Donna Summer

4. “Low” – Flo Rida

3. “Canned Heat” – Jamiroquai

2. “Bye Bye Bye” Nsync

1.  “Work” – RuPaul

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the tunes I choose to listen to when trying work up a sweat. Hope you got a good laugh!



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