Pan Toasted Muffins


Yesterday morning Maddy and I made a batch of apple cinnamon muffins. When we came down to the kitchen this morning, our muffins had turned hard! I knew just what to do.

I’ve seen my mother do this many times, with muffins, bread, cornbread, poundcake.

I started by cutting a muffin in half. IMG_5088.JPG

Add about a teaspoon full of butter to a pan, and melt it. Any kind of butter will do, or you can even use coconut oil for a healthier alternative.


Once the butter has melted, place the muffin halves on the pan, cut side down. IMG_5092.JPG

Swirl the muffin around the pan with a fork until toasted to your desire. Enjoy! IMG_5093.JPG


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