5 Things To Do On Friday Night For Little To No Money


After a long week, I’d much rather spend Friday night at home with a glass of wine, instead of going out partying like so many people my age like to do. I guess they don’t have kids!

Anyway, here are five unique things to do on a Friday night for little to no cost…and not your typical dinner & a movie!

  1. Ok, maybe I lied about dinner & movie, but let me explain. Instead of going out to eat and then to see a movie, enjoy both from the comfort of your own home. Eric and I like to order Applebee’s Carside-T0-Go so we can enjoy restaurant food at home, then binge watch Netflix late into the night. This is good for a low-key evening, especially if it has been a particularly busy week!
  2. Ice Cream sundae night. It’s probably for the better that we do this less often than we used to, but every once in a while it’s nice to have a little sugar rush. I’m known to get crazy with my ice cream toppings, especially after I’ve had a drink. There was once an ice cream sandwich topped with peanut butter and a candy cane, then the awful idea I once had to pour Fireball over birthday cake and ice cream…yuck! But you get the point-celebrate the end of the week with your fave Ben & Jerry’s, and relaxxxx.
  3. Culture shock night: nachos and margaritas for the appetizer, Italian spaghetti and meatballs for the main course, then creme brulee for dessert. You can go all out with this-sombreros and everything!
  4. Move the furniture out of the way and make your own dance floor in your living room. Turn up some music, pour a glass of wine, and you’d be surprised how lively things get…and how fast you work up a sweat.
  5. Couple’s spa night! What guy doesn’t want a facial and bubble bath with his woman?? 😉 You’d be surprised how much they like it. This may be too much information, but Eric and I love sitting in our whirlpool tub with a glass of wine (for me), letting the hot water melt away all our stresses. I highly recommend trying it! You can light mood candles, dim the lights, and dine on chocolate. Ahhh ❤

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