7 Ways To Reuse An Altoids Tin


I’m the farthest thing from a junk collector that you’ll ever meet…with one exception: “junk” that helps me organize. I’m a sucker for baskets, mason jars, and things of that nature.

If it helps me organize, I want it!

This is the case with those little tin altoids containers. They’re so cute and compact, it seems a shame to waste them, right? Especially because I can think of ways to reuse them!

  1.  Store individual packets of sugar. I know many people who are particular about the kind of sugar they use and like to carry their own in their purse or car. It’s like a perfect fit!IMG_5249.JPG
  2. Store individual ketchup packets. Just like with sugar, I know that a lot of people like to keep extra ketchup on hand.
  3. Button Lost & Found. Whenever one of us loses a button, it lives on top of various dressers and tables in our home for the rest of eternity it seems like. But if you designate one spot for all missing buttons, you’re more likely to get around to sewing them back on…probably! Or at least keep for when you need one.
  4. Store spare toothpicks. Keep them in your car or carry in your purse so you always have one on the go.
  5. Hair ties! I am ALWAYS losing hair ties, and it’s gotten to the point where I treat my last one as if it were my baby. I will see one laying around when I don’t need it, then when I need it, it has dropped off the face of the earth 😉 Keep them all in one place by storing them in an empty altoids container.
  6. Earrings. Corral them all so it’s not a wild goose chase each time!IMG_5251.JPG
  7. Chapstick. We always have a gazillion laying around the house. Keep them all in one place.IMG_5250.JPG

Can you think of any other little things to store in those empty containers? Please share below!


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