The Best Way To Wake A Toddler Up From A Nap


My daughter Maddy will be turning two next month, but her attitude is way ahead of schedule. We hit terrible-twos territory about six months ago!

She’s a very strong-willed little girl who knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to tell you when she’s upset about something.

Cranky moods are quite common these days, especially at certain times of the day. First thing in the morning and then after her afternoon nap are generally difficult for Maddy as she transitions from sleeping to being awake.


To help things go smoother, I’ve changed the way I go about getting Maddy up from her nap-and it seems to have made some difference.

What I used to do when I heard her over the baby monitor was waltz into her room, talking to her at a regular volume, and I’d open the blinds without giving it a second thought.

It never really occurred to me that if I had been sleeping for the past two hours and someone came into the room and woke me up like that, I’d be pretty pissed!

After thinking about it like that, I made a few adjustments.

Now when I hear that Maddy is awake, I quietly go into her room. I walk in, only whispering if at all. I shut off the fan, grab a diaper, then slowly open her blinds. Then I walk over to her bed and quietly talk to her in a whisper. Sometimes she still isn’t ready to get out of bed, even though she’s awake. Which makes sense. When I wake up, I like to rest in bed for a few minutes first.

So when I see that Maddy needs a few minutes to fully wake up, I busy myself with something like putting her laundry away or folding blankets. She usually watches what I’m doing, in sleepy silence.

Then, when she’s ready she’ll hop out of bed so that I can change her diaper.

Waking Maddy up like this versus how I used to has made a difference in her mood. Sometimes even my best effort doesn’t always prevent crankiness, though.

But it’s something to keep in mind, especially if your child tends to wake up in a cranky mood. Because our attitude plays a big role in how our children react to situations!


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