5 Things I Always Carry In My Purse


We women carry practically everything in our purses…especially us moms! Of all the junk that I have in mine, these are the five things I always be sure to carry on me.

  1. Hand sanitizer or wipes. This one is obvious! After pumping gas or going to the grocery store, I like to be able to clean my hands off. I always carry one or the other with me.
  2. Hand lotion. My hands get extremely dry so I like to have lotion on me at all times.
  3. doTERRA Breathe Rollerball. If i’m feeling congested or just want to feel invigorated, a swipe of Breathe across my chest or temples does the trick. Plus, it gives off a nice light scent.
  4. Altoids. I’ve noticed that if I’m feeling really thirsty, sucking on a mint helps to quench my thirst a bit. Plus they’re good to have on hand.
  5. A spare hair tie. I’m ALWAYS looking for a hair tie and if I’m on the go I feel naked if I can’t put my hair up! I also keep them on the shifter in my care in case of a hair emergency.

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