Leggings With Clogs…Yay or Nay?


It’s a dreary, snowy, drab day here in New England. The weather even seemed to be casting a gloom on my outfit this morning, too. I’m usually content to look in the mirror and think “Eh.”, but today that wasn’t what I needed.


I needed an outfit with a bit more liveliness than just black pants and a sweater. Long story short, I ended up wearing black leggings with a mid-thigh length pink canvas skirt, a gray knitted sweater…and danskos for shoes!


Now the thought of clogs with leggings may make the fashion police’s blood run cold, but I personally like the look! When I was working as a pharmacy tech, this is what many of the girls wore. Why…because it’s comfortable! Especially since we were on our feet all day.

So, I want YOUR opinion…leggings and clogs…yay or nay??


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