I Interviewed A Former Pole Dancer-Here’s What She Had To Say


This morning I had the privilege to pick the brain of an experienced pole dancer. She happens to be a very good friend of mine, who recently let me in on her secret: she had been leading a double life.

To keep her anonymous, we’ll call her “Carley”.

It wasn’t until a couple weeks ago when I was chatting with Carley that she dropped the bomb on me. I can’t remember what exactly we were talking about when she told me. But I remember feeling shocked, intrigued, and in awe.

Secretly wanting to be a pole dancer myself, I had a million questions for her. I even asked her for lessons!

So, here is what Carley had to say about pole dancing:

Megan: How long did you work as a pole dancer?

Carley: I worked there for only a year.

M: Ok, and where did you learn to dance?

C: It was a topless club so you were required to keep your undies on at all times. I learned on my own by watching the other girls.

M: That’s awesome! So topless, does that mean bra or no bra at all?

C: The shot girl did however teach me to move my butt muscles which is really cool. No bra.

M: Haha!

C: I usually wore stripper undies. Which are a T Back with minimal front coverage unless I had my period, then I wore lace booty shorts!

M: Goodness! Were you nervous your first night?

C: When you were offstage you had to wear a bra. My first night was just for fun, it was supposed to be a one time thing so I was drunk and I did it with my friend. It was a blast!! Then after seeing how much money I made in the four hours I was there, I decided to work there.

M: Call me naive, but how do you get paid? Just tips?

C: Yes at that specific club it’s just tips. Other clubs in the area pay you waitress pay which was like $2 an hour plus tips. And no I never once did drugs! I would never follow in other people’s footsteps.

M: Good to know! So how did “patrons” give you tips? I’m assuming it’s not like leaving a tip for a waitress.

C: Some guys would put money in your undies, others would place it on stage in front of them so you know they are interested. I feel like the worst part was collecting your money on stage. I’m not the type to take money from people so that part sucked for me. I love money but collecting it was the worst part.

M: That does sound a little awkward. Did you perform by yourself?

C: Yes I went up alone and other times I went up with another dancer, depending on how many girls were on shift that night.

M: Did that make you nervous?

C: Going up alone made me nervous at times but going up with a dancer that is prettier or better at the pole was worse.

M: Ugh, I can imagine. Were the other girls friendly?

C: Halloween was fun! Most of the girls were friendly then you had the hood girls that were intimidating and nasty.

M: Yikes! Were they ever snarky with the other girls? And tell me about Halloween!

C: Oh I’ve seen a few other girls try to fight but not very often. I dressed up as a firefighter and everyone loved it! I wore a red push up bra, red stripper undies that went up over my hips and black booty shorts with sparkly suspenders and a fire hat. So much fun!

M: Sounds cute!! Where did you get your clothes?

C: At the mall usually. I refused to buy the stripper outfits that cost a gazillion dollars.

M: No kidding!

C: I literally lived a double life.

M: That’s crazy. You mentioned only a handful of people know. Did you ever feel they were judging you?

C: No I wouldn’t tell people that would judge me for it. The only person that was judgmental was my mother.

M: Gotcha. So what made you decide to leave?

C: I was working three jobs, a single mom and exhausted. After a while I became lazy and had no interest anymore. Plus I started dating Jeff so I wanted to spend my weekends with him instead of being away working. I was wasted every weekend because there was no way I could do it sober.

M: That’s crazy!! Do you miss it at all?

C: Sometimes I do. The attention was nice and the money. It is draining though. I think the drive home was always the worst. Oh and I remember my hair would alwaysssss smell after like a strip club…cigarettes mixed with like ten different perfumes!

M: That’s too funny!!  Did you ever see anyone there that you know?

C: No.

M: Did anyone ever try to take you home?

C: Hahaha no! There are plenty of respectful men there. My favorite were the older ones. I hated seeing guys my age.

M: Haha! Well thank you very much for answering my questions!!

C: Of course!

And there you have it! Life goals, anyone?


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