Why Stay-At-Home Moms NEED Other “SAHM” Friends


I like to do a lot of writing about being a stay-at-home mom, or “SAHM” for short. There is an endless supply of material to write about, and it’s something that I know well.

I’ve recently reconnected with an old friend of mine that I used to work with, and we’ve both happened to follow similar career paths: working our butts off being SAHM’s!

Our outlooks on motherhood, parenting, and life in general are very similar. We have common interests, and have similar things that make us tick. Our youngest daughters are also only months apart in age.

If I’m having a particularly rough day, something funny happened, or I just need a friend to talk to, she’s just a text message away. I should mention that her name is Megan, as well 😉

Since chatting more and more with each other over the past few weeks, it has occurred to me how nice it is having another mom to talk to who is in the same boat.

Sure, I have other friends with young children, but almost all of them work outside of the home. Talking to them about the things I talk to Megan about just wouldn’t be the same. Maybe that’s unfair of me to say, but I think it takes a SAHM to truly understand another SAHM.

Being home with Maddy all the time, I often feel overwhelmed and feel that I need a break. To say this to someone who works a regular 9-5 job, I may seem like I’m taking my situation for granted, or don’t know how lucky I am. Many people think it’s a cake-walk being a SAHM.

But Megan gets it, and often times is having a chaotic day as well. When I tell her that Maddy did such and such, she is understanding, supportive, and knows full well what it can be like.

I love all of my friends equally. That said, there is a unique bond that forms between SAHM friends. It’s not only nice to have this b0nd, but it’s important as well. SAHM’s need each other for venting, advice, and friendship.


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