An Easy Treat To Make With Toddlers


Some days, especially in the Winter, Maddy and I get some serious cabin fever. In her it manifests itself as whiny tantrums and bored whining.

Noting that I had a bag of chocolate chips and pretzel sticks on hand, I decided to let Maddy help me make chocolate covered pretzels.


For the sake of avoiding a massive mess, I decided only to make about two handfuls of pretzels.

There’s no need to measure anything- I just poured about 1/3 of the chocolate chips into a bowl and melted them in the microwave. It look about a minute and 30 seconds, stirring halfway.  IMG_5369.JPG

I laid out a sheet of aluminum foil to place the pretzels on. This is the part where children can help. Dipping the first pretzel, I showed Maddy how to swirl it in chocolate, then lay it down on the foil.



An option is to sprinkle some sea salt on top, although the pretzels are already salty 😉

It took about half an hour for the chocolate to harden. Then I placed them on a  plate and moved them to the fridge.

I’d be lying if I said this activity didn’t end in Maddy screaming, demanding chocolate. BUT it was fun while it lasted! Have fun!


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