Have You Heard The Song That’s Meant To Help With Anxiety?


What if I told you that there is a song that exists that is meant to cut down on stress and anxiety? Well there is such a song, and I put it to the test.

I came across this bit of knowledge while scrolling through Pinterest one day. Someone had pinned the “DIY/Hack” to their board, and it instantly grabbed my attention.

If you’ve read any of my posts in the past, you may know that I struggle with some anxiety. And in this day and age, who doesn’t, it seems?

So learning that there is a song that’s meant to help with those feelings, I had to listen to it. The name of it is “Weightless”, by a group I had never heard of called Marconi Union.

When I looked it up on YouTube, I saw that there were a couple different versions of the song. There was a shorter one that lasted only a few minutes. Then there was a whopping TEN HOUR version. Wow.

I had no idea what to expect. What would such a song sound like? A chorus of angels?

I’m not the best at describing things, so bear with me.

The sounds I heard were definitely not from your average instrument. It was not very high or low pitched, but right in the middle. It seems to vary between a few different notes. Remember, i’m not the best at descriptions! 😉

It reminded me of something you’d hear in a spa or a yoga class. Very slow, mellow, and relaxing! It’s not over-stimulating & there isn’t too much “going on”. It’s like someone altered the sound of a piano, then slowly pushed one key at a time, letting it sing until the vibration was gone. Does that make sense?

So like I said, it was relaxing to listen to. But what really impressed me was Maddy, my two year old daughter’s reaction to it. Usually when we’re in the kitchen and she sees me plug my phone in, she knows that I’m going to play music on Youtube. She usually whines for certain songs and wants nothing to do with any other. This exact thing happened. Then I put “Weightless” on. And she stopped. She listened. She actually settled down and finished eating her breakfast!

Now, I’m not saying that this song has some supernatural magical soothing powers. But it did manage to calm down Maddy’s mini fit she was throwing, likely because it intrigued her.

When people listen to music, it’s because they want to feel something. They want a song that resonates with their mood. But sometimes we don’t know what we’re feeling. Those are the times when I put “Weightless” on, as a way to reset my mood and slow my mind for a bit.

I encourage you to try it!

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