Hair Dying 101: Tips & Tricks


Anyone can follow the directions on a box of hair dye and color their hair, but it takes someone who has been doing it for many years to know the best way of going about it.

In my 22 years, I have never dyed my hair, not even highlights. So needless to say I am no authority on the subject. However, my dear friend Brittany is full of knowledge and was willing to share some of it with us.

She’s had her hair every color of the rainbow..and she rocks it! I met Brittany at work, and I frequently overheard customers asking about her hair, and she’d share with them her tips & tricks.

So I conducted a mini interview and asked Brittany to share with us her hair dying secrets, and she did~

Megan: This is in no particular order. So, tell me when you first started dying your hair? And what color was it?

Brittany: I was six and it was green.

M: Wow that’s young! What are some things that you look for in a hair dye? Any particular brands?

B: The vibrance and how long it lasts mainly. I stay away from anything in a store like Walmart or CVS. They are teeming with bacterias that ruin your hair. I mainly buy Kenra, Ion Brilliance, Pravana, or Paul Mitchell colors.

M: Awesome, you’re full of knowledge! What do you do to prep your hair?

B: Well first I start by doing a clarifying shampoo. I leave it in for five minutes. Then I do a color prep. I use Malibu color prep. They’re little granules you get wet and rub in your hair. After two minutes of that I bleach my roots (or all over if it’s a first time) with Wella bleach and 40 volume. I wait until it’s done its thing.  Rinse. Put the colors wherever I want them. I leave them in and watch a movie then rinse. Wha-la!

M: Wow-Such a process! How often do you wash to maintain the color? Do you use color safe shampoo?

B: Washing your hair fades the color quicker so I only wash once weekly. I should use color safe shampoo, but I color it so often anyway I don’t bother with color shampoos. I’m using Biolage Sugar Shine right now.

M: Gotcha, that makes sense. Any tricks you’ve learned along the way? Bad hair blunders ever? Words of advice?

B: Don’t re-bleach any areas. You will give yourself a wicked chemical cut. Don’t leave bleach on for more than 30 or so minutes. Never use Sun-In. Box color is bad! Make sure to foil close to the head to prevent bleeding. Never put bleach on your scalp. It will burn it. Rinse with cool water, because hot water strips it faster.

M: Very good advice! Thank you for sharing!


And there you have it! Sage advice from a seasoned hair dyer. Do you have any tips you wish to share? We’d love to hear them!


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