Why I Didn’t Get My Boyfriend Anything For Valentine’s Day


Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed yesterday and this morning, I saw lots of friends posting about the wonderful romantic gestures made by their significant others: dinners, chocolate covered strawberries, roses, and even a proposal!

For me though, it was just another day. I didn’t get anything for Eric, and he didn’t get anything for me, either.

Was I angry? Was he angry? Did it start a fight?? Not at all. Let me explain.

I think it all boils down to our personalities, and our style of relationship. With a couple other factors as well.

Two years ago, on Valentine’s Day, we brought our brand new baby girl home from the hospital. Having a newborn baby, it probably goes without saying that we both had enough going on as it was, forget about getting a box of chocolates! Then last year on Valentine’s Day, I was working a 12 hour shift at the hospital, which left no time for romance, unfortunately.

This year, the same thing. We’ve been so busy with our lives that we haven’t had the time to do anything for V-day.

Now here’s where I’ll explain how our personalities play a role. Maybe it sounds bad to say that we’ve been “too busy” to show each other how much we love each other. But there’s more to it than that.

  • We’re both procrastinators. Each year for birthdays and the holidays, we both wait until the last minute to get gifts.
  • We help each other in ways more meaningful than chocolate. I was talking to my friend about this this morning, and I explained that Eric gets me wine when i’m out, and on the weekends I make him breakfast. He takes care of my car issues, and I do his laundry. He shovels and clears my car of snow, and I make him lunch on half days of work. Ya see?
  • V-Day is year round for us. I write love notes & give massages, but when the inspiration strikes me to do so. Not when the calendar says.

Why should a day in February be the only reason you show love & appreciation for your significant other?

Eric and I fight like cats & dogs sometimes, and our relationship is so far from perfect. But I can say that it is strong to know our love for each other, without giving chocolate and roses.

What are your thoughts? Would you be angry or upset? Do you agree? Do you have a unique Valentine’s Day tradition? We’d love to hear!


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