Why Do Girls Wear Makeup?


Needless to say, there’s no makeup! 

Hello everyone! As you read in the title, this post is about why girls wear makeup.

I guess I’ll jump right in by saying that I don’t see the point. I don’t see why anyone would want to take the time to put on a facade. Let me rephrase that: I don’t see why anyone would want to put on a facade, unless you’re attending a special event, going to a gala, on the cover of a magazine, etc.

Maybe I sound naive? Maybe I am. But I just don’t get it.

From what I gather, the trend with a lot of makeup wearers is that they do so in order to cover up what lies beneath. Whether that be eye bags, uneven skin, acne, scars, you name it. And that’s where I get confused. All of those conditions can be treated.

A few years ago I was the perfect candidate to become an avid makeup wearer: uneven skin tone, hormonal breakouts, and tired-looking eyes. Looking back, I am so glad that I never touched a drop of concealer. Because with the passing of a couple years, my hormones (somewhat) balancing, and through eating right, all those ailments almost completely went away. The issues that remain (dark spots, hormonal breakouts here & there), I am taking care of, not covering up and exacerbating them. For breakouts I use Retin-A, and for dark spots I use Bio-Oil, which I am super impressed with! (You can read more about that, here: https://cheatsheethomemaker.wordpress.com/2017/02/12/a-review-of-bio-oil-a-skin-miracle/ )

I know many women who would be ashamed to go out to the grocery store without makeup on, and that is a shame! I think that every woman should be able to feel beautiful without the use of a crutch, like makeup.

Just the other day I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a friends post about not wearing makeup. Apparently on a day that she wasn’t wearing any, someone asked her if she was sick, because I guess she looked it without her usual makeup on. She then went on to say that that is why she wears it! That makes me wonder why she wouldn’t rather invest the time and money spent on makeup into treating her issues by seeing a dermatologist, eating better, etc. Is it just me? Doesn’t that make sense?

A couple weeks ago I got together with my good friend, Megan. She is super girly like I am, the difference being that she wears makeup. It makes her feel good about herself, and you can’t argue with that! However, she is the type who is naturally pretty and doesn’t need makeup to make that known-it’s obvious. When we got together, I let her do something that I’ve never let anyone do before: make me up! As she was adding a dab here, and shadowing there, I couldn’t help feeling like an idiot.

The only times in my life when I’ve worn makeup were for dance recitals, which required super heavy makeup, and at weddings. Since then, things have changed, especially in the makeup world. I have never stepped foot inside a Sephora, and I have no idea what a makeup blender is or how it works. So as Megan was talking to me, telling me exactly what she was putting on, I just nodded and smiled.

I admired her knowledge and use of colors, and I must say that she did a fantastic job! But aside from feeling a little lost, I also thought how time consuming it was.

For your sake, I will start to wrap this rant up. But let me leave you with this final thought. From a woman’s point of view, I think that showcasing your natural beauty speaks volumes more than layering on ‘fakeup’. Because anyone can be pretty with the right shade from Sephora.


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