5 Simple Goals To Set This Spring


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Every year, the coming of Spring stirs something within my soul. It makes me want to start fresh, and declutter my life-both physically & emotionally. I guess that’s why we have the term, “Spring cleaning”!

To start things off on the right foot & get the ball rolling, here are 5 goals that are an excellent place to start.

  1. Clean your car. Every winter, my car gets grimy and dirty from all the snow & sand that gets tracked in. So yesterday I took out Maddy’s car seat and washed the fabric, picked up all the junk from the floor, took in empty coffee cups, and got rid of things that I didn’t need. It feels great to have it a bit tidier. Now I just need to vacuum and take it to the car wash!
  2. Downsize your wardrobe. I recently received a huge haul of clothes from a relative. There were so many clothes, that I didn’t have enough hangers or even closet space to put them all! That led me to go through my clothes and get rid of the ones that I never wear. The changing of seasons to warmer weather is a great time to do this.
  3. Find something new. And I don’t mean anything materialistic. Find a new favorite wine, chocolate, body scrub, restaurant, coffee shop, friend, movie, book, TV show, tea, etc.!
  4. Learn a new healthy recipe. For me, my latest healthy recipe that I’ve mastered and absolutely love is my tahini garlic salad dressing. Recipe here: https://cheatsheethomemaker.wordpress.com/2016/12/30/tahini-garlic-dressing-with-lemon-essential-oil/
  5. Learn how to do a new hairstyle. My hair has been growing at a remarkable rate (which I give credit to flaxseed for!! https://cheatsheethomemaker.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/psa-im-either-turning-into-a-supermodel-or-flaxseed-is-a-wonderful-thing/ ) , and now that it is getting longer, I’ve been able to do more with it. But there are plenty of awesome tutorials for any hair length. What would we do without YouTube?? Spring & Summer being the best time of year for cute clothes & outfits, why not learn now how to do your hair in a new & pretty way?

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