5 Tips To Achieve Your Best Hair Ever-Without Special Products



Since transitioning to a plant-based diet a few months ago, I’ve been noticing a change in my hair. Yes, my diet helps it to stay healthy, but i’m not here to tell you about fruits and vegetables. What I do want to share with you are the different tactics I’ve been using to get my hair into its best condition ever.

  1. First and foremost, flaxseed. Earlier this past summer I did a post about the amazing results I was seeing from incorporating flaxseed into my diet, so I won’t go into super great detail here, as you can read that post here: https://cheatsheethomemaker.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/psa-im-either-turning-into-a-supermodel-or-flaxseed-is-a-wonderful-thing/  But I will say that I have been very pleasantly surprised to find that my hair seems to be growing faster and stronger.
  2. Wash every other day, or every two days. I’ve been told by several different people-including hairdressers-to only wash my hair a few times a week, as doing so more often than that can be too harsh on your hair. I wash my hair every other day, and this seems to really work for me. It is never too oily, or too dry.
  3. Use apple cider vinegar. Last summer I learned how shiny and glossy apple cider vinegar (ACV) can make your hair. From what I read, the ACV washes away excess product buildup, and leaves you with super soft & shiny tresses-it’s true! I do this about once a week.
  4. Massage your scalp. By gently massaging your scalp with your fingertips, you’re helping to get the blood circulating, which in turn is conducive of faster hair growth. Not to mention it feels great.
  5. Skip the unnecessary products & tools. It amazes me how much girls put their hair through. Drying, straightening, curling, hairspray, and all the different products. Unless you’re worried your wet hair is going to catch you a cold, I say skip all of that. Let your hair air dry, and let it do its thing. Piling on the hairspray and burning it within an inch of its life is not doing it anything favors! Keep calm & let your hair be.

❤ Megan

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