5 Ways Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Is Harder Than People Think


“You’re so lucky!”, I often hear people say when I tell them that I’m a stay-at-home mom (SAHM). Yes, I am lucky. But it is just like any other job, and at times, even more challenging.

This post is inspired by my visit today with my good friend, Megan, who is also a SAHM. This week being winter break, she has both her 8 year old and 2 year old daughters home with her. With Maddy and me there, that means there were two toddlers running around like crazy!

If someone were to be looking in at us, they may have been horrified by what they saw-two dogs running around, one peeing on the floor, the two toddlers pushing each other, fighting tooth and nail over a toy…and two moms, chatting as if nothing were out of the ordinary…because there wasn’t! It was just a typical Thursday.

So, that said, here are 5 great of examples of how being a SAHM is harder than some may think.

  1. No sick days. If you wake up in the morning feeling like you have the flu, that’s too bad! SAHM’s don’t get sick days, and the workload is no lighter because you’re not feeling well.
  2. There are never any guaranteed breaks. I cringed when Megan told me that her 2 year old won’t take naps. I’d go insane if Maddy didn’t take a nap in the afternoon. And some days, she doesn’t. In those cases, I’m “SAHM-ing” from the time Maddy wakes up, to the time she goes to bed, which is often a 12 hour stretch.
  3. The house is expected to be clean. Fotuntalely, I’m super obessesive about cleaning, so the house is usually clean anyways. But if for some reason the dishes don’t all get done by the time everyone comes home, or the floor is a little dirty, I feel as though they’re criticizing me in their minds.
  4. No alone time. I may sound selfish desiring time to myself when I get to stay home all day, but the truth is that I don’t even get to pee alone! That is one of the reasons why I save my grocery shopping trips for the evening after Maddy is in bed. Being able to listen to the radio loudly in the car, all alone, is something that a lot of people would take for granted!
  5. Being alone with your thoughts. This may be the hardest aspect of being a SAHM. When you work outside of the home, you get to interact with other adults. You aren’t left to bottle every thought up until everyone is home. Being alone with your thoughts can drive you insane. That’s why us SAHM’s need to stick together!

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