The One Outfit Every Mom Should Have In Her Closet


Since having my daughter, my style has changed a little bit. Both from getting older & not being a teenager anymore, and because I’m a mom!

One thing that makes me sad to see is when moms seem to have given up on style and taking care of themselves, opting for sweats, and clothes that aren’t flattering.

Style varies from person to person, but there are a few basic pieces of clothing that I’m sure most people have in their closet.

For moms, I believe that there is one outfit that we all should have in our closet. For days when we can’t figure out what to wear, or just want to look good and feel comfortable.

  • Jeans. Skinny, bootcut, or flared!
  • A white tee. Long or short sleeved, v-neck or scoop.


Everyone has got to have jeans and a white tee, right!? Something about this combination looks flattering (in my opinion) on just about everyone. It’s easy, neutral, comfortable. And you can dress it up (or down) with accessories.


For shoes, I usually go with Danskos, or flip-flops in the summer. And for mild temperatures I go with a beige American Eagle trench coat.



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