20 Unique Date Night Ideas

img_5669Because we all need a little inspiration! Here we go.

  1. Margarita’s & homemade nachos at home
  2. Spa night, give each other coconut oil massages & facials
  3. One of you cooks dinner, the other makes dessert
  4. Bundle up & go for a night time walk
  5. Dinner at one restaurant, dessert at another
  6. Have another couple over for dinner & game night. This one is fun!
  7. Revisit your first date spot
  8. Instead of breakfast in bed, do dinner & a movie in bed.
  9. Dress up nice and go to a fancy restaurant
  10. Have a dessert for dinner
  11. Host your own private wine tasting
  12. Set up a romantic spot in your backyard & eat dinner by lantern & candlelight
  13. Move furniture out of the way & make your own dance floor.
  14. Make a dish from another country for dinner.
  15. Go out dancing!
  16. Drink wine, talk, listen to music. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life ❤
  17. Try a new restaurant
  18. Go to a restaurant and order each other’s dinner, so that it’s a surprise
  19. Go on a day trip to another town, then try a local dive.
  20. My favorite: ice cream sundaes and Netflix!!!!

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