Amy Sedaris’s “Witchy-Poo’s Detoxifying Salt Scrub”


If Amy Sedaris were an animal, she’d be my spirit animal. As a lover of her writing, and of DIY beauty products, this salt scrub recipe in her hilarious book just screamed my name.

Amy Sedaris’s book,  I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence, is full of funny little tidbits, and lots of sage entertaining advice.


“Witchy-Poo’s Detoxifying Salt Scrub”

You’ll need: 


-Coconut oil, olive oil

-Essential oil

Amy says that basically you need 1 part oil to two parts salt. For my scrub I used 1/2 cup of regular table salt, and about 1/4 cup of olive oil. I then added 12 drops of Wild Orange essential oil.


First, pour the salt.IMG_5843.JPG

Then, melt the coconut oil, and add it to the salt. IMG_5846.JPG

Stir well, then add the essential oil. Then stir again. IMG_5847.JPG

Scoop into a small jar, and you’re done!



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