To Bra, Or Not to Bra: A General Rule of Thumb


These days it seems like more and more women are joining the unofficial “no bra movement”, choosing instead to exercise their right to cleavage freedom.

I happen to be one of these women, but not for any rebellious reason. Long story short, I’m a 22 year old trapped in a 13 year old’s body. And by that I mean I have very little boobs. Therefore, I can get away without wearing a bra.

That said, I believe there are some occasions when a woman should not forego a bra. Below are examples of what I believe warrant (and don’t) an under garment.

Please Wear A Bra: 

  • If you are wearing a low-cut shirt and people can clearly see down your shirt when you bend over.
  • With a white shirt. Or at least a tanktop underneath.
  • To a job interview
  • On a first date

Forget The Bra! :

  • Going to the grocery store
  • In the summer (as long as your shirt is not super low-cut)
  • If you’re wearing a camisole instead
  • Hanging around the house
  • If you’re wearing more than one layer, especially if one is a sweatshirt
  • If you’re cleaning
  • If you have tiny boobs
  • If you have big boobs
  • If you’re feeling adventurous
  • Going for a drive
  • Travelling
  • Gardening
  • If it’s super hot, forget it

And ladies, don’t forget to wash your bras! Now that summer is upon us, you’ll want to take extra care and make sure your bra is clean, so as not to get sweaty and gross.

Also worth mentioning that if the back of your bra is too tight/sweaty, it can cause breakouts on your back. Shower!