Apple Quinoa Bites


This week I have decided to try out a gluten-free diet, for many reasons, which I will go into in another post! But today I want to share with you a clean, gluten-free snack you can easily make and enjoy!

Start by slicing an apple (any kind) and removing the seeds, like this: IMG_5930.JPG

Next, spread peanut butter on top of the slices. I like Teddie Chunky peanut butter.


Lastly, pour about 1/2 – 1 cup of cooked quinoa into a small bowl or plate. Dip the peanut buttered side of the apples in, so that they’re covered.


Drizzle with honey and/or cinnamon and enjoy!


Why I Let My Toddler Dress Herself

IMG_5928 (2).JPG

This morning Maddy and I went on a Target run to pick up some coffee and my prescription.  If my mother had seen what she was wearing when we left the house, she would have cringed. Maddy was sporting cute rainbow leggings, and her favorite flamingo-patterned blouse. That’s right, flamingos and stripes.

Earlier in the morning, Maddy delighted in picking out her shirt and pants, obviously not caring about matching. And I let her go right ahead!

Why? Several reasons. To begin with, I think a toddler should be more concerned with playing and getting dirty rather than matching clothes.

I remember when I was a kid and we were getting ready to go out somewhere, I would fight with my mother about what I was wearing. She’d insist that I couldn’t wear jeans to x, y, and z, despite my protests.

Now looking back, it seems silly to have wasted breath over something as trivial as a child’s sense of style (or lack of)-sorry, mom!

Another reason I don’t fuss over Maddy’s choice of wardrobe is because it gives her a sense of independence, and makes her feel like a big girl. She’s growing up, so why not let her practice?

I suppose some parents may argue that what their child wears in public reflects on their parenting. To a point this makes sense, but wouldn’t you be more likely to judge someone’s parenting style based on polite manners and good behavior, versus whether or not the print on their child’s outfit matches?

Just a thought to ponder. What do you think about this topic?