Healthy Oatmeal Tahini Bowl


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? So better make it healthy and delicious!

Using what I had on hand, I made an oatmeal bowl using Bob’s Red Mill rolled oats. Whole grain, of course 😉 IMG_5824.JPG

Before adding the boiling water, I added a spoonful of tahini and about 2 teaspoons of raw honey to the bowl. IMG_5825.JPG

Garnish with apple slices, and enjoy!



What Would You Be Willing To Do To Lose Weight?


Recently a friend of mine joined the “It Works!” family as a health and wellness consultant.

Unfamiliar with It Works!? So was I.

Basically, it’s a multi level marketing company that sells health and wellness products, and it all started with a body wrap that helps diminish the appearance of body fat. Now, the company offers an array of fitness shakes, cleanses, serums, and even greens that are meant to help detoxify the body.

Why am I telling you about this?

Because scrolling through the It Works! website, it occurred to me how much people buy into hype.

I believe that diets don’t work, and there is no pill, powder, shake, whatever, in existence that can do what healthy eating does. Along with exercise, of course.

In my opinion, the best way to absorb the nutrients from fruits and vegetables is to actually eat them. Not in a powder or pill form. That just doesn’t seem right.

It seems some diets are basically replacing one bad thing with a lesser bad thing.

Weight Watchers, for example. They have their own line of snacks and desserts. But if you read the ingredients on the back of the box, it’s mostly processed junk that our bodies don’t need-it’s just fewer calories!

Some may say my lifestyle is extreme, but I am certainly reaping the benefits, which tells me that I’m doing the right thing for my body.

That said, I often get questions from people about the things that I eat. I always tell them that I eat a plant-based diet, with whole grains, nuts, oils, seeds, chicken, and fish. I also tell them that dieting is far too complicated these days. I say, if you eat healthy, everything else will fall into place.

Don’t get caught up with fad diets and “cleanses”, just get back to basics.

Just a thought to ponder.

Ghostly Encounters In Our 1900 Farmhouse


My parents and sister still live in the farmhouse that I grew up in. Here is a view down our road.

Before moving to New Hampshire, I lived in a 117 year old farmhouse in a rural Massachusetts town-about 45 minutes from where I live now.

The area is steeped in history. In fact, one of the oldest houses in town dates back to the 1700’s.

I lived in that farmhouse for 12 years, and in those years I have experienced different, unexplainable events. Below I share with you a few of them!


The farmhouse had a beautiful finished attic, which we simply called “the third floor”. It was converted into a guest room, and hardly anyone went up there.

One night back in highschool, my best friend Amber was staying over. It was probably around 11 or 12 when we were sitting on my bedroom floor, listening to music and talking. Suddenly, we heard what sounded like a bouncing rubber ball on the floor above us, which was the third floor.

We stopped and looked at each other, neither of us knowing what it could have been. Everyone else in the house was asleep, and there were no pets up there, as the door to the room remained closed.


Being young girls up late at night, we were a little freaked out. But we quickly went on with the rest of our evening, forgetting the incident.

The next morning after Amber had left, I climbed the narrow staircase up to the third floor.

Nothing appeared out of the ordinary. No ghostly apparitions presented themselves. But what I did see sitting on the middle of the floor explained what I had heard: a rubber ball and jacks. They were mine, but I don’t remember how they could have gotten onto the floor.

And I don’t know how the ball would have been bouncing in the dead of night.


One summer a couple years ago, my friend Cassidy was visiting. It was late afternoon and we were sitting in my backyard, soaking up the sun. Our lawn chairs were facing a large picture window at the back of my house.

Cassidy and I were laughing and chatting with each other, having a good time.

Then something directed my eyes to the large picture window.

Standing in the window was the silhouette of a person, about the size of an adult male. It went as quickly as it came.

I was a little surprised, but figured it was my dad. No one else was home.


That was when I looked to another window-the kitchen window-and saw my dad standing in the kitchen doing dishes. So it could not have been him.

I quickly brushed the incident off.

Some time afterwards, I was telling my mom about it. That was when she told me that she, too, had seen a figure in that window. It was when she was doing work out in the yard and nobody else was home.

Neither of us had an explanation for the occurrence, but we’ve learned to brush off such things.


This encounter was probably one of the strangest.

Four or five years ago my mom and I were in her bedroom watching TV. It was a late winter afternoon.

We were watching our favorite TV show at the time, “Celebrity Ghost Stories”.

I don’t remember who the particular celebrity was on this episode, but he was talking about his experience at a hotel.

He went on to explain how the curtain in his room moved on its own. As he was imitating the gesture with his hand, the curtain in my mom’s bedroom moved.

They were long, panel curtains. They stopped about a foot and a half above the floor.

We looked at each other, shocked. The only pets we had were two dogs, and they were both on the bed. There were no windows open as it was winter, and there was no fan on. Nobody had closed a door creating a breeze. And any mouse that may have been scurrying across the floor would have been far too short to even touch it.

It was a slow, fluid motion. Just like on the TV show.

To this day we have no explanation for this.


Do you have any ghost stories to share!? 

Pumpkin Spice Tahini Bread


I consider myself a master creator of different food combinations. When I’ve run out of a certain ingredient, I often think of new and clever ways of using what I have on hand.

This morning it was tahini spread on ezekiel bread, with pumpkin spice and honey on top. And you know what? It was damn delicious!


First I toasted two slices of ezekiel bread (unfamiliar with what that is? Read here: ), then smeared tahini on top.


Next, sprinkle some pumpkin pie spice.


Then honey, and swirl it around. Enjoy!

The One Thing You Probably Aren’t Cleaning But Definitely Should


I do a lot of laundry. Like, a lot. We have three different laundry baskets just to keep up with it all.

Eric gets quite dirty and greasy at work, so his clothes go in a separate basket from mine and Maddy’s clothes.

Now that Maddy is potty training, we often have wet pants sitting in the basket on top of the pile of clothes-yuck.


Last week as I was taking clean clothes out of the dryer and putting them in the basket, it occurred to me how dirty the laundry basket probably is. I don’t usually clean them unless they’re visibly dirty, but that was maybe once!

I suddenly felt like my clean laundry wasn’t quite so clean after all.

The solution? Give your laundry basket a once over with a Clorox disinfecting wipe (I love these!), or a quick spray with Lysol.

Problem solved!